Product description

The map is printed on high quality paper with a matte finish and weight of 230 grams.

Delivery information

We aim for a delivery time of 3 – 5 working days within Europe. The map is delivered in a cardboard tube. The map is rolled up and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

About Georgia

Georgia has one of the world’s oldest traditions of winemaking. The Caucasus region and Armenia are considered the geographical origin of wine.

Georgia was the largest wine producer in the Soviet Union, producing 55% of all wines. In recent years, Georgia has increasingly focused on exports to new markets, such as the US, Israel and the EU.

The most important grape is Rkatsiteli, which is used in 75% of all white wine. Saperavi is the most common red grape. Additional grapes are Mtsvane, Chinuri, Tavkveri, Kisi and Shavkapito. The most important wine region is Kakheti.

Kvevri are large Georgian clay pots, designed for fermenting, macerating and storing wine. Kvevri is insulated with beeswax and does not impart any flavour to the wine itself. Therefore, the use of these vessels is an excellent way to highlight the intrinsic potential of the grape itself. Kvevri are stored buried in the ground with only the mouth visible at ground level to ensure a cool and constant temperature. Aging in Kvevri gives the wines prominent tannins.