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Moselle – Germany


Product description

The map is printed on high quality paper with a matte finish and weight of 230 grams.

Delivery information

We aim for a delivery time of 3 – 5 working days within Europe. The map is delivered in a cardboard tube. The map is rolled up and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

About the Moselle Valley

Mosel is a quality region (Anbaugebiet) for white wines in Germany. The name comes from the river Mosel.

The Mosel produces almost exclusively white wines, and the Riesling grape variety is so dominant that “Mosel wine” has become synonymous with Riesling wine. Grapes are grown on 9,080 ha, the most common grape varieties are Riesling (57.7%), Müller-Thurgau (15.0%) and Elbling (6.6%).