Product description

The map is printed on high quality paper with a matte finish and weight of 230 grams.

Delivery information

We aim for a delivery time of 3 – 5 working days within Europe. The map is delivered in a cardboard tube. The map is rolled up and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

About Italy as a wine country

Italy is the largest wine producer in the world after France. Italy has a diversified wine production where red wines dominate. There are wines produced in all regions of the country.

The main grapes are

  • Nebbiolo – used mainly in the Piedmont region and the Barolo and Barbaresco areas.
  • Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara – used in the Valpolicella area of the Veneto region.
  • Sangiovese – is Tuscany’s most cultivated grape.

In addition to these red grapes, many other local and international grapes are used.

The map shows the main wine regions together with the main grape varieties in each region.