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Franciacorta – Italy


Product description

The map is printed on high quality paper with a matte finish and weight of 230 grams.

Delivery information

We aim for a delivery time of 3 – 5 working days within Europe. The map is delivered in a cardboard tube. The map is rolled up and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

About Franciacorta

Franciacorta is said to be one of Italy’s best kept secrets. The region lies just south of Lake Iseo, about an hour’s drive northeast of Milan. Champagne-style sparkling wines are produced here.

The wines are produced according to the classic method where a second fermentation takes place in the bottle. The used grapes are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero) and Pinot Blanc (Pinot Bianco). As in Champagne, the wines are categorised according to the sweetness of the wine from driest to sweetest: Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Sec and Demi-Sec. The designation Satèn is the equivalent of Blanc de Blancs.

Most of the producers are small and their wines are often not available outside Italy. There are also some major producers.