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Champagne – France


Product description

The map is printed on high quality paper with a matte finish and weight of 230 grams.

Delivery information

We aim for a delivery time of 3 – 5 working days within Europe. The map is delivered in a cardboard tube. The map is rolled up and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

About Champagne

Champagne is a sparkling wine from the Champagne region in northern France. The area is located between the towns of Reims and Épernay, which are the main production centres. The most important areas are

  • Montagne de Reims – closest to the city of Reims
  • Vallée de la Marne – along the valley of the river Marne west of Épernay.
  • Côte des Blancs – south of Épernay.
  • Sézanne Coast

The Champagne villages are classified in Autre Cru, Grand Cru and Premier Cru. These designations sometimes appear on the labels of Champagne coming from villages with a certain classification.

The most important grapes in Champagne are

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Meunier

The most common varieties in Champagne houses are:

  • Standard (Standardcuvée) – the simplest Champagne of the house based on grapes from different vintages.
  • Vintage – vintage champagne based on grape must from a single vintage. Must be aged for at least 3 years before bottling.
  • Prestige (Prestigecuvée) – usually the most expensive champagne from a Champagne house.
  • Blanc de Blancs – Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay.
  • Blanc de Noirs – Champagne made only from Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier.